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Meet the Maker

Elizabeth Tully

"There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this process," I said to my partner across our small kitchen in Singapore; I was attempting to temper a particularly tricky batch of bean-to-bar chocolate.

I believe in learning something new everyday, but that doesn't mean every lesson will be mastered overnight. After making my first batch in our home kitchen in 2018, I had decided to expand my chocolate making skills while living in Southeast Asia.  I fell in love with the unique flavors and experiences there, and wanted to bring my passion for chocolate home to share with friends, family, and the community.

I told my partner: "my dream is to create a gourmet chocolate bar that brings joy to you as well as to all the people who helped bring it to you." He loved the idea, and replied, "I know what we'll call it: Rhyme and Reason Chocolate Company."

Cacao Pods

Our Beans and Bars

Quality and Sustainability

Our chocolate is made in small batches with great care and attention paid to bringing out the unique flavors found in each harvest of beans.

Our single origin bars are made with only two ingredients: ethically sourced cocoa beans and sugar of the highest quality.

Inclusion bars feature unique flavors inspired by our travels across the globe, and we will continue to bring innovative and distinctive combinations from our test kitchen to you.

Our mission of sustainability extends beyond the bars themselves.  The outer packaging is designed with recycled and sustainably sourced paper, printed with soy-based inks.  Inside, our craft bars are cradled in Glassine wrappers that are plastic free and curbside recyclable.

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