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Chocolate and Bubbly Pairing

Will you be ringing in the New Year with a glass (or two!) of bubbly this year? I think there are few things more elegant than popping a cork and clinking glasses surrounded by friends and family. Why not elevate your celebration with a chocolate pairing?

Pairing wine – sparkling or otherwise – with chocolate can be challenging, so I put together this guide to the perfect match! As a general rule: choose a bubbly that's a little bit sweeter than the bar you're enjoying with it. The drier the wine, the more acid will compete with the velvety cocoa butter in the chocolate. Look for a wine with similar or complementary flavor notes to highlight the natural flavors of the chocolate.

I recommend having some salty accompaniments like nuts, crackers, or pretzels to balance sweetness. Jump below and check out some of my favorite sparkling beverages to pair with our classic range of handmade craft chocolate bars.


75% Dark Chocolate: Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Pairs well with: Brut Cava, Prosecco or Champagne

The darkest of our bars can stand up to the drier varieties of sparkling wine. Pairs well with brut Champagnes that have hints of caramel and brioche. We recommend trying Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne or Gruet Brut Sparkling Wine


72% Dark Chocolate: Chanthaburi, Thailand

Pairs well with: Sparkling Rose or Lambrusco

Our super fruity Thai-sourced bar works well with equally fruity sparkling wines. Look for a pairing that has bright ripe berries like strawberry and blackberry, or tropical fruit notes for the perfect match. We recommend trying Mumm Napa Brut Rose or Riunite Lambrusco.


42% Artisan Milk Chocolate

Pairs well with: Demi-sec or Doux

Our Artisan Milk Chocolate bar has a higher cocoa percentage than your average milk chocolate bar, but still holds a fair amount of sweetness and rich creaminess. This makes it a super flexible option for pairing with a wide range of flavor profiles. Look for a bottle of bubbly labelled "Demi-sec" or for an even sweeter pairing go with a "Doux".


Creamy White Chocolate

Pairs well with: Moscato d'Asti

The sweetest of our classic bars, our Creamy White Chocolate makes for the perfect finish to a full tasting experience. Grab a bottle of sweeter bubbly with honey and fruit notes like Ruffino Moscato D'asti.


I hope you found this guide useful! Feel free to go as fancy or as affordable on the bubbles as you want. The important thing is to have fun, new experiences and make indelible memories with your loved ones!

You can pick up our bars Online or In-Store at:

301 State Street Ste. D

Greensboro NC 27408


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